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Nom Prénom Social Université Email Thème de la thèse Directeur /trice Année de soutenance
AIGNER Maximilian UNIL Email Operations Prof. Valérie Chavez
ARMAOS Konstantinos UNIL Email Fast and Frugal Trees as a tool for social classification and identification Ulrich Hoffrage 2023
ASTUTIK Yayuk setyaning UNIGE Email Zero-Inflated and Hurdle Model Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
AVILA Monika UNIGE Email Random Coefficient Models for mutidimensional Panels Jaya Krishnakumar 2020
BABONGO Flora UNIL Email Supply chain optimization and causality inference Prof. Ari-Pekka Hameri
Prof. Valerie Chavez
BAERISWYL Fabien UNIL Email Cluster point processes, asymptotic properties and applications Prof. Valérie Chavez-Demoulin
Prof. Olivier Wintenberger (Sorbonne Université)
BAKHTIARIZADEH Hamidreza IHEID Email Essays on Development Economics
BARZA-NICOARA Radu-Nicolae IHEID Email Inequalities in Educational Outcomes Martina VIARENGO 2022
BERKACHY Rédina UNIFR Email Fuzzy statistics Prof. Dr. Laurent Donzé
BLANC Guillaume UNIGE Email [tentative topic] Indirect Inference, Iterative Bootstrap, Variational Inference Prof. Victoria-Feser
BLATTER Jeannine UNIL Email Chirurgie thoracique/reconstructive (*domaine)
BODELET Julien UNIGE Email High dimensional inference Davide La Vecchia 2020
BORMS Samuel UNINE Email The information value of textual sentiment in economics and finance David Ardia
Kris Boudt
BOULAGUIEM Younes UNIGE Email Generative Adversarial Networks Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser 2023
CATTANI Gilles UNIGE Email Sans titre
CERÉ Raphaël UNIL Email Spatial statistics Prof. François Bavaud
CHENG Mengling UNIL Email The economic, social, and life-course antecedents of later-life multimorbidity in low- and middle-income countries: evidence from China Prof. Dario Spini
CUNEO Félix UNIL Email Méthodologie en psychologie : design de tâches pour mesurer des concepts psychologique Jean-Philippe Antonietti
Christine Mohr
DARWISH Amber IHEID Email Don't mention the war: the global governance of small arms and light weapons Dr Keith Krause
DENEULIN Pascale UNIL Email Minéralité des vins : étude sémantique et sensorielle d’un concept émergent Prof. François BAVAUD
DESCLOUX Pascaline UNIGE Email Sylvain Sardy
DIATTA Ibrahima D. UNIL Email Missing data and imputation Prof André Berchtold
DIAZ Jairo UNIGE Email Thresholding, testing, model selection, convex analysis. Sylvain Sardy
DONG Ziqing UNINE Email sampling and official statistics Prof. Yves Tillé
EGLOFF Mattia UNIL Email Informatical science and Mathematical Methods for human sciences François Bavaud
EMERY Kevin UNIL Email Analyse de séquences André Berchtold
EUSTACHE Esther UNINE Email Théorie des sondages Yves Tillé
FALCIOLA Justine UNIGE Email Contributions to the theory and practice of latent variable modelling Jaya Krishnakmuar été 2020
FROSSARD Jaromil UNIGE Email permutation test Olivier Renaud
GANGL Selina UNIFR Email
GIOSI Pierluigi UNINE Email Econometrics, Finance, Accounting Prof. Catalin Starica
GNECCO Nicola UNIGE Email Causal Inference Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engelke
GUIGNARD Fabian UNIL Email On Spatio-Temporal Modelling and UncertaintyQuantification using Machine Learning andInformation Theory Pr. Mikhail Kanevski
GUO Xiaomin IHEID Email International Economics Huang Yi 2022
JAUSLIN Raphaël UNINE Email Survey sampling Prof. Yves Tillé
JIANG Chaonan UNIGE Email Statistics Davide La Vecchia
LANGEN Henrika UNIFR Email Microeconometrics, Machine Learning and Policy Evaluation Martin Huber
LAVDA Frantzeska UNIGE Email Prof. Alexandros Kalousis
LEE Tae hoon IHEID Email Three essays on Development and Migration
LOUP Romain UNIL Email Analyse et prédiction spatio-temporelle d’un réseau de transport François Bavaud
MAMOOLER Parisa UNIGE Email H-Matrix Martin J. Gander
MASON Fabio UNIGE Email Déclin cognitif
MAURY Emma UNIL Email Queuing analysis and visualization in hospitals Marc-Olivier Boldi 2025
MÉTRAILLER Coline UNIL Email Character network extraction and analysis: crossmedia perspective and application to videogames Aris Xanthos
MIGLIOLI Cesare UNIGE Email Model Selection in High Dimensions Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
MIRON Julien UNIGE Email Statistique Eva Cantoni
MOOR Alban UNIGE Email Inference for time series models Prof. D. La Vecchia
ORSO Samuel UNIGE Email Contributions to simulation-based estimation methods Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
Prof. Stéphane Guerrier
PALLAN Hayley IHEID Email Capital Controls
PASCHE Olivier C. UNIGE Email Machine Learning Methods Well Suited for Extremes and Risk Assessment Prof. Dr. Sebastian Engelke
PEIXOTO-CHARLES Anna UNIGE Email Money, water and inequalities in Mexico Ass. Prof. Solène Morvant-Roux 2020
POILANE Benjamin UNIGE Email Thèse en statistiques. Sujet précis encore à définir. Eva Cantoni
PRASANNA Ashreeta UNIGE Email Household energy efficiency Dr Martin Patel
RAABE Alexander IHEID Email Sudden stops of banking inflows and macrofinancial linkages Cédric Tille
RAGGI Martina UNINE Email mediation analysis Kilian Stoffel
Laurent Donzé
RAVAZZINI Laura UNINE Email “Micro-level dynamics of economic and social inequalities in Switzerland, from 1990 to 2013” Christian Suter
RELUGA Katarzyna UNIGE Email The area of the research is nonparametric statistics and small-area estimation. Specific title of the thesis is to be specified. Prof. Stefan Sperlich
RICHARD Xavier UNIFR Email Biomathematics
ROTHEN Stephane UNIGE Email Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser
ROUZINOV Serguei UNIL Email Missing Data. Tests and causality in longitudinal contexts Pr. André Berchtold 2019
SHAN Jiajun UNIGE Email Time series, Finance Pr Davide La Vecchia
STREICHER Kai Nino UNIGE Email Bottom-up modelling of the potential of energy efficient renovations in the swiss residental building stock Matrin Patel
TAUSHANOV Zhivko UNIL Email André Berchtold
TEREFE Edossa merga UNIGE Email Extreme Value Theory and Machine Learning Professor Sebastian Engelke ( 2022
TILENBAEVA Nurgul IHEID Email Trade and Poverty: Evidence from Kyrgyz Households
TRÄCHSEL Bastien UNIL Email . Isabella Locatelli
VARGAS YAÑEZ Ingrid Cecilia UNIGE Email TBD Jaya Krishnakumar
VIGNOTTO edoardo UNIGE Email Extreme value methods for data science
VINÉ Rémi IHEID Email Immigration Economics Slobodan Djajic
VIVIANA Celli UNIFR Email Causal Mediation Analysis Prof. Martin Huber
Prof. Guido Pellegrini
VOIROL Lionel Alexandre UNIGE Email Statistics Prof. Maria-Pia Victoria-Feser & Prof. Stéphane Guerrier
XU Haotian UNIGE Email Statistics
XU Ying IHEID Email Financial market, banking and macroeconomics
ZHANG Yuming UNIGE Email Stéphane Guerrier