Specifications for invited speakers at the CUSO doctoral school in Statistics and Applied Probability

With this document the CUSO team would like to thank you again for your participation, and provide you important information regarding the target audience and a synthetic guideline for the speakers invited at the Doctoral Program in Statistics and Applied Probability in Western Switzerland.

  • The target audience consists of PhD candidates who are applying statistical tools in several fields ranging from mathematical statistics, econometrics, biology to psychology. The level should be considered as practically oriented.
  • The speakers are expected to be as pedagogical as possible. In particular, interaction with the audience is more than highly appreciated.
  • For the 3 lectures of 1.5 hours each, the speaker is strongly encouraged to follow the format:
    1. First lecture of 1.5 hours introduce the topic presented by the speaker,
    2. Second lecture of 1.5 hours present more advanced aspect of the topic,
    3. Third lecture of 1.5 touch research frontiers, open question, or specific modern topics.
  • The speaker is expected to provide illustrations and applications, with an appropriate pace.
  • References to related literature are encouraged to be provided before the seminar, so that the interested audience can familiarize with the topic before.